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The goal of Ticket 1 is to serve as Pack Trainer to help make sure that leaders are up to date on required training.

Pack Trainer

Pack Trainer   During my first stint as a Den Leader, I made it halfway through my tenure before it became apparent somehow that I had not completed one of the training courses that was required for my position. In order to help prevent similar oversights by other leaders in our Pack, I have assumed Pack Trainer responsibilities in addition to my role as Den Leader. I began this role by creating a spreadsheet (click chart below for a larger version of the template) for tracking the training of Pack leaders, and for encouraging leaders to go beyond the minimum training requirements for their positions in the Pack.

To emphasize this latter point, I have attempted to set an example by going well above the minimum training that is required for the positions that I hold. Required training that I have taken includes Youth Protection Training, This is Scouting, Den Leader Fast Start, Pack Committee Fast Start, Leader Specific Bear Cub, Leader Specific Webelos, Leader Specific Pack Committee, Leader Specific Pack Trainer, and Fast Start Boy Scouting. Extra training that I have taken (other than Wood Badge itself) includes: Safety Afloat, Physical Wellness, Weather Hazards, University of Scouting, at least four Roundtables a year, and a week at the Philmont Training Center in New Mexico with my family taking the "Webelos to First Class" course (highly recommended).

Pack Leader Training Termplate

This particular ticket has proven to be one of the most difficult for several reasons. First of all, it is challenging to get everyone to understand just what is expected of them as leaders in terms of their required training. Second, even if you can get people to understand what is required, they do not always follow through with the courses. Third, some of the classes ar offered in person, and others are offered online, so there is not a well-maintained database in which data is recorded. Fourth, for the data that does exist in the database, there is not a way to pull data all at once for the entire Pack, much less see at a glance who is up-to-date on their training and who is behind. Considering how concerned BSA seems to be about liability issues, it is very surprising that data regarding BSA training is not better maintained and utilized.

Subsequently, it falls to the Pack Trainer, and anyone else who will help spread the message, to get people to keep up with the training that they are required to have in order to participate as leaders. As the Pack Trainer, it is challenging not to be perceived as a person on the Pack Committee whose sole purpose is to nag you into submission. Below is an email example of what is generally required to get the ball rolling each year, after which considerable follow-up with individuals is required to further close the loop.


As we discussed at the Pack Leader Meeting on Wednesday, we are all required to be properly trained for our positions as Cub Scout Leaders. Attached is a copy of the document that I handed out at the meeting which clarifies what training is required of you. Please note that Youth Protection Training is a must, regardless of any other training that you are expected to complete for your position. For most Cub Scout Leaders, you will need YPT, This is Scouting, and your Den Leader Specific training: Tiger Cub, Den Leader (Wolf/Bear), and Webelos. If you are on the Pack Committee, there is also Pack Committee Fast Start.

All of this training can be taken online at under the E-Learning tab. Most of these courses only take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Upon finishing each, you can print out a copy of your certificate showing the date of completion. If you have already completed any of this training online, you can log back in and see when you completed each course.

I need all Pack Scout Leaders to send me the dates of completion for their required courses by no later than Tuesday of next week (please email them to me). Thank you to those of you that have already done so. If you still haven't completed your required training, please do so this weekend.



Below is an example of the sort of handout (click for a larger version) that is helpful to have, especially at the beginning of the school year, for helping Cub Scout Leaders (especially new ones) understand what is expected of them. Another tip that helps, if you have access to a large-scale plotter, is to print out a poster-sized copy of the Adult Leader Training Spreadsheet for display at meetings. Leaders in attendance can then actually write the dates for any training that they have recieved directly onto the spreadsheet, which the Pack Trainer can transcribe later. Finally, with access to the Scouting "Member ID" numbers for each of the adult leader, the Pack Trainer can at least look up the training that is aware of for each registered leader in the Pack.

Pack Leader Training Brochure

Pack Leader Training Brochure